Jue Wang

I am an assistant professor of management analytics at Smith School of Business, Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I received my PhD from the Industrial Engineering department at University of Toronto.

My research interests are:

Methodologies: optimal control and dynamic programming, statistics, and machine learning.

Applications: the optimization of smart and connected products, sensor data analytics, and revenue management.

Research papers

Real-time decision making with streaming data

J. Wang, Optimal Sequential Multi-class Diagnosis (minor revision at Operations Research, 2020) paper

J. Wang, Minimizing the False Alarm Rate in Systems with Transient Abnormality, Naval Research Logistics, 63(4), 320-334, 2016 paper

J. Wang, C. G. Lee, Multi-state Bayesian Control Chart Over a Finite Horizon, Operations Research, 63(4), 949-964, 2015 paper

Revenue Management

J. Wang, Y. Levin, M. Nediak, Selling Passes to Strategic Customers, Operations Research, 68(4), 1095–1115, 2020 paper

J. Wang, Optimal Pricing and Demand Learning in Short Horizons (major revision at Production & Operations Management, 2020)

A. Ovchinnikov, J. Wang, Customer Value in Dynamic Pricing Situations

Research Fundings

2019-2024 Discovery Grant (Individual), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), $142,500

2019-2020 Monieson Centre “Future of Business Research” Grant, Smith School Business, Kingston, ON, $9,000

2017 General Research Grant, Smith School Business, Kingston, ON, $9,000

2016-2018 Research Initiation Grant, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, $45,000

Contact Information

Smith School of Business, Queen's University

143 Union St. West, Kingston,

ON, Canada, K7L 3N6

jw171 AT queensu DOT ca or

juewang-faculty AT queensu DOT ca